Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

  • 100% AUTHENTIC MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Spantik’s salt block for grilling is 100% authentic, We import ONLY the highest quality food grade Himalayan salts cooking plates, made of chunks of pink Himalayan rock salt. True Himalayan salt comes from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. Himalayan Salt tiles became all the rage as a home accent kitchen. It is also great idea of grilling gift for your beloved to experience with salt plate for grilling.
  • GOURMET HIMALAYAN SALT BLOCK FOR GRILLING – Our Himalayan salt cooking stones can heat up to 500ºF. Thick salt block for grilling provide perfect temperature evenly. Use directly on stovetops or BBQ grills to sear meats, seafood, and vegetables like a professional. *Not recommended for oven use.*
  • HIMALAYAN SALT COOKING BLOCK – Mined in the Himalayas from 100% pure Himalayan Salt boulders, salt tiles are the perfect kitchen or outdoor grill station cooking accessory. The large 12” x 8” x 1.5” size provides more space for cutting, grilling, and serving.
  • HIMALAYAN SALT BENEFITS – Pink salt cooking slabs add extraordinary flavor and several beneficial minerals to every dish. Unlike table salt, Himalayan salt obtains its pink color from trace minerals. Himalayan salt Plates for grilling has become well known for its amazing health benefits. It re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and wellbeing. Our Himalayan pink salt is rich in trace minerals – including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper and Iron.
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE & HASSLE-FREE RETURNS : For hassel free returns and exchanges please contact seller.
Weight 11 lbs


  1. Jungle Jeff

    Himalayan Salt Block for Grounding
    I did not buy the Himalayan Salt block for grilling, but for Grounding my body’s electrical field. I have it under my desk and put my bare feet on it while I work! Wonderful

  2. Amazon Customer

    perfect for my intended use
    Seller is great and highly responsive: mine arrived broken and within 24 hours, a replacement was on the way.I am quite satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Jon W

    Exploded first use
    I spent an hour gradually bringing the heat up on this salt back my first use. As I was walking to the grill to put my steak on it the block exploded blowing fragments of salt all over my grill. Had the lid not been closed I’m not sure the fragments wouldn’t have been harmful had they struck my face. I wanted to try this out as I’ve read it enhances the steaks flavor but not worth the time to heat up for the benefit if need to go even slower than I did. Cleanup was slow from fear all the salt fragments would rapidly corrode my grill.

  4. Denise

    Nice actual Himalayan salt cooking blocks.
    The price was great. Each was packed perfectly and well protected. However, I am glad I bought two because both had at least one chip missing on the edge and I was able to keep the one with 2 chips and give my sister the closest to perfect one.
    I am sure it makes no difference, however, if I received a chipped gift, I would know it must have cost less.

  5. Amy k johnson

    Perfect size for home use.
    Purchased it as a Christmas gift but gave it early. They loved it and took it home and made steak and a burger. Said the food was pretty good, very little seasoning was used after it was cooked

  6. hpm

    Great addition to your barbecue
    Product came quickly it was in great shape when it arrived. We have used it several times for cooking meat. Really adds to the flavor of the meat that is cooked on it.

  7. Happy Lark

    I bought this for a Christmas gift which turned out to be a duplicate. When I tried to arrange the return, it said “not returnable.”

  8. Tim Rose

    Very good product
    Very good product I like this salt block I love cooking steak and shrimp on this block it adds more flavor to the steak and shrimp. I’ve also cooked some Pizza And it came out excellent. You have to clean it after every use but it cleans up very easy.

  9. Terry

    “BOOM” Goes the salt block
    Like so many reviews I’ve seen before, I read the instructions, I watched the videos, but on the second use it exploded. It sounded like a shotgun went off and actually put a small dent in the back of my grill it hit so hard. I guess these things are just not the quality of the one my friend got from Costco. I guess we’ll see what the customer support is like now 🤷‍♂️.

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