Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

  • PURE HIMALAYAN SALT: 100% Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt lamp Night Light Natural Shaped imported from Pakistan, hand mined in the Himalayan mountains. Each salt lamp is a piece of a natural rock formation and is unique in pattern, color, shape and weight.Salt rock provides you Natural pink light for bedroom, loaded with powerful minerals and free from toxins, our Himalayan salt lamp is safe to use in the nursery and with kids.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Natural Salt rock Lights Emits negative ions when heated by the bulb, Which Purifies air, improves breathing, negate electro-smog, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, improve health ability,increase the flow of oxygen to the brain,sleep better & wake refreshed. Creates a welcoming ambience to relieve your stress. Natural Pink Salt lamps Provides you romantic Pink room Lights and warm atmosphere and make you feel peaceful.It does have a profound effect on your health.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Himalayan crystal rock lamp with its beautiful amber night lights brings divine harmony to bedroom decorations, Home decor, home Hallway, Natural Air Purifer, night lights for adults, stylish decoration lamps for bedrooms & best night lights for bedroom, Lamps for living room, kitchen lighting, night light for kids, office,coffee shop, book store, bar, or yoga space and so on.
Weight 2 lbs

152 reviews for 2 Pack Himalayan Salt lamp Night Light Salt Rock Hand Carved Natural Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps for bedrooms Night Light Plug in Wall Light Bulb

  1. Bibi Y. Majeed

    Vety disappointing.
    Ps. Im updat9ng this review again. Thursday October 31. I order two ORANGE night lights. First I receive 2 white ones. The box had orange. But as I opened the box there were 2 white ones inside. I wrote to the sellers the promise to send me a replacementof two orange one. The ones I ordered After emails going back and forth. I received the replacement today. I was so happy. Outside of the box has 2 orange lights. As I opened the box. There was 2 whiter night lights. I was so disappointed. Frustrated. Please be aware if you ordered these Orange night lights theres no guarantee youll ever receive the Orange ones. You could receive any color. Plain White or a dainty white. Im so ipset and frustrated. Ive aked the sellers a simple question. Why cant a customer receive what they ordered. Whats on the outside of the box is definitely nots what is inside. False advertising.

  2. Unhappy

    Love them with the lamp also

  3. JDo

    Looks Great!
    Looks Great!

  4. Hollie

    Peaceful calm
    These are absolutely beautiful and give off a beautiful glow. I love them!

  5. Jamie

    These nightlights are so pretty! They just have a nice, soft pinkish glow that isn’t too bright for a bathroom or hall light, but just bright enough where you don’t have to turn the lights on during nighttime wanderings 😉
    They are heavy, but have a built in stabilizer in the plug that goes into the third “ground” hole so I don’t worry at all that they’ll fall out of the socket. Overall I love it, 10/10 would repurchase.
    Also I think these would make a super cute gift!

  6. Jessie Violet

    Appreciated Gift
    Very pretty. Comes with extra bulbs. Casts a warm glow.

  7. Dena Wasylyszyn

    Good quality
    Good quality works well.

  8. Josh & Jess Pianko

    Great night light
    I like the Organic look but they have great night light

  9. Samantha

    These make great night lights. The color is very soothing. They are kind of heavy but they don’t seem to droop or want to fall out of the outlet which is awesome.

  10. Kelsey

    So heavy that it doesn’t stay plugged in!!
    I do NOT recommend this product at all!! It is so heavy that it doesn’t stay plugged into the wall.

  11. S. Kay


  12. Terri

    Soft Glow
    They give off a nice glow at night and I like that since I live alone.

  13. Joe

    Great for a gift
    Gave as a gift

  14. Maggie Reddecliff

    Really cute! Great customer service!
    The salt lamp is really cute and I think it would be a great gift. In my pack of 2, my one salt lamp was broken and the other was fine. I’m deciding to keep because I only really needed 1 anyways and don’t feel like going through the trouble of returning. It does get hot and I’m nervous about leaving on too long but it does look really nice. Just wondering how long it will last because I do feel like the base of the light lacks in quality.

  15. Meh

    One arrived with a short in the switch rendering it useless. When I inquired about a replacement for the one defective light, I got the “not it” game.

  16. Hadley Peterson

    Great night light but not sure about the Himalayan salt benefits

  17. anastasia051886

    Love it!
    Perfect as a night light and not as chunky as the full size version.10/10

  18. Goldie

    amazing product Way brighter than I thought it would be and the saw itself is pretty thick so I am super happy with my purchase

  19. Opinionated

    Great for kids who don’t like the dark.
    I bought this for my little niece and she loved it!

  20. KT

    Beautiful night light
    Beautiful and perfect night light.

  21. Krystalsugar

    Very nice
    They are the perfect size and are beautiful night lights

  22. Dara Snyder

    They are a bit to heavy
    Use in bathroom and livingroom

  23. Amazon Customer

    Good product but one has a broken switch
    Good product but one has a broken switch. I bought 4 and one doesn’t turn on.

  24. Amazon Customer

    Salt night light
    its pretty heavy for a night light but does stay in place. Has a nice brightness to it but not too bright.
    I see NO effects of “healing” such has help with sinus issues etc

  25. Charlene

    Completely love these

  26. beckyburns237

    Well worth the money
    Beautiful and perfect size

  27. sandra wilcox

    I use it in my kitchen and love it

  28. Sonya K Brown

    Relax salt lamp
    Like color and bright glow in room. Relaxing, calm, breathe ease… dislike salt, breath salt, taste salt in mouth, my leg swelled, I have allergy, i dont eat or use salt. No spices as food!!!. Gave to 2 friende…. thank. water humidify is better!….

  29. Lili Andrea Aragón Meaa

    Son Hermosas. Un poco pesadas pero se mantienen firmes. Traen los bombillos incluidos lo cual es fantástico. Crean un ambiente relajante perfecto para antes de dormir y para el área de trabajo

  30. Ginny

    Great lamp!
    Great lamp. Just bright enough to feel warm and cozy.

  31. Stazia Mims

    Bright Himalayan Salt Lamp Nightlights
    These Himalayan salt nightlights are much bigger than I expected, but I’m satisfied with the quality. The salt is the same thickness throughout and doesn’t have any got spots. I also appreciate that it came with a spare bulb.

  32. Marlys Boersma

    Salt lamp
    The salt globe is too heavy, although pretty, and not attached very well to the base. You need to be careful about balancing the globe when you plug it in. That being said, I have three burning at all times in my house and still have one that I haven’t plugged in yet.


    Excellent Value
    Nice and bright. Perfect for nightlights

  34. noemi diaz

    Buena calidad
    March 5, 2021

  35. ERIN

    Get it!
    Amazing. Get all of them.

  36. Amy Burgoyne

    Soft Warm Glow- gorgeous
    These are really lovely. The glow is soft and warm. Perfect for a nightlight.
    Honestly can’t remember if they came in separate boxes for gifting, but I wanted both for myself. Good quality- both worked perfectly. I’ve bought some 4 and 5 packs from other vendors and had non-working lights. Very happy with purchase.

  37. Dannette Church

    Great night light
    Beautiful soft glow light. Much brighter than expected, but not to bright. Happy it lights the way without bringing me fully awake at night. Uplifting but calm feelings color.


    These are very nice.
    I’ve had some like these for quite a while but one burned out so I went on line and bought these and I’m very pleased.

  39. Denise

    Beautiful nightlights.
    The nightlights are beautiful. Easy to change the bulb. Bigger than I expected.

  40. Laura

    I love my little salt lights! they have a bright, warm glow, and are the perfect size. They aren’t bulky or in the way. I really enjoy them. Would buy again!

  41. Amazon Customer

    Heavier then you think and hard on older outlets.


    so nice
    love the night light

  43. Kristy S.

    salt lamp is too heavy. Update to original review.
    These are too heavy for a night light and do not stay safely in an outlet. I bought these as christmas gifts but wish that I hadn’t. I will not buy again.
    ** update review — I increased a star because the seller went out of their way to remedy the situation. As I told them, I liked the idea of these night lights but just found them too heavy.

  44. dS

    One would not even work
    Changed bulb, etc,. one was not working from the get go., So I have one. Would not recommend

  45. deeta

    You will love it
    It’s beautiful. Great price to

  46. suravi majumder

    Little heavy but beautiful.

  47. Amazon

    Quality Night Lite
    Very happy with the quality and colour of the night lights.

  48. Anna

    Very pleased
    When I first opened these, I thought there was no way they’d even stay in the outlet. I was happy to discover I was wrong! Very impressed with the quality and sturdiness, and great ambiance. Highly recommend.

  49. Positivity1.0

    Great idea, poor execution
    Too heavy for the outlet. Great idea, poor execution. Flimsy. One was delivered broken and the other too heavy to sit in my outlets.

  50. Mone

    Beautiful, bright, watm light
    Bright, soft red glow

  51. J. Curry

    Perfect gift!
    Bought as a gift and my friends loved it!! They even use them in the RV!

  52. Ashley Rother

    Perfect for me little space
    These little salt lights give my little space a warm, cozy feel. They are very sturdy. So far, they haven’t been to hot…and I’ve left them both on for hours. If I had a bigger space, I would definitely buy more 🙂

  53. Phoenix3309

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    They really light up the room and work very well. I really like them. Totally worth every cent. I would definitely buy more for other rooms in my home. Would be great as gifts.

  54. Patricia Wright

    The nicest item.
    Just the best!

  55. Amazon Customer

    Great for Nursery
    We put one in our baby’s nursery and the other in our room while cosleeping. It is bright enough to illuminate the room bright enough to see her face, but not harsh where it disturbs sleep. It is calming and has a nice and warm ambiance.

  56. Deborah Wilson

    Best light-wonderful product!
    Been using Himalayan salt lamps for yrs. Great for clearing air of contaminates, Ambien light that illuminates w/o keeping you awake at night-good price- highly recommend to anyone as a night light that also cleans the air in your room!

  57. Angel & Desiree Mercado

    Not same product
    Returned them because product was not as shown. Was different shaped lamps

  58. Janelis Pantoja Jiménez

    Good for value
    Good but I got the wrong product, it’s weird shaped and it’s too red/pinkish for my liking…also a little dim. good value for two of them though

  59. Amazon Customer

    Perfect size
    Love them need to order more for every room !

  60. Joetta M.

    Love Them!!
    These are so Nice…Love Them

  61. Sara

    Really bright for a nightlight
    Super bright. Will light up the entire room.

  62. Patricia Carter

    Good value
    Very nice have one of my bedroom and bathroom

  63. Cretma

    Bueno pero gotea al estar encendida

  64. susan

    Night light
    Love this item!!

  65. Diana

    love them

  66. Amy Dinaldo

    Great product
    Amazing product for the price! We have them in every outlet in our yoga studio and in several rooms in our home.

  67. madre21

    Perfect sized nightlight
    Very nice weight and product / color is perfect

  68. Amazon Customer

    They work
    Nice soft glow that lights up a room without being too bright. I just wish they were automatic instead of a switch.

  69. ConfidentQueen2

    Helpful for insomniacs.
    Bathroom stays on 24/7 illuminates the entire bathroom seldom use other bathroom lights. In bedroom sleep was interrupted bright illumination. Helpful for insomniacs. Highly recommend. The extra blue was damaged/broken upon delivery. Hopefully replace bulb will be sent.

  70. Frequent Shopper

    Not what I ordered. They sent a cylinder looking shape NOT A salt lamp shape.
    Not what I ordered. It is cylinder shaped. It is white not himalayan salt pink or orange and it’s super heavy that will cause damage in the electrical outlet. MAJOR FIRE HAZZARD.

  71. DeenstaBoughtIt

    Creates warm ambiance
    Love these, we have a large Himalayan salt lamps in a couple different rooms at home and needed night lights too. Chose these and don’t regret it at all. These come with low wattage light bulbs and the rock never gets too hot to touch. Usually have off during the day and switch on in the evenings. They are a little too heavy and the rock has fallen off when our German shepherd bumped against it once or twice. Or broken just fell off

  72. Jody

    Great purchase
    Love these

  73. SF Foodie

    Great gift!
    Fun for Father’s Day Gift. He replaced our older ones with these as soon as he opened them! He’s happy!

  74. William Lightsey

    Nice subdued effect …
    For effect and subdued bedroom light

  75. Diego R.

    Good option..!
    Giftable item..!

  76. JLuis Aguilar


  77. M

    Broken upon delivery
    Product arrived with completely unusable product
    One of the lamps that came is destroyed, and the replacement bulb doesn’t work
    Vendor needs to change the way product is packaged. The delivery workers just throw the packages on the ground. Granted, there was no “FRAGILE” label on the package.
    Value for my money was low. Extra labor for getting the product replaced isn’t worth it in my opinion.

  78. Janelle

    Lamp is not advertised shape at all!
    I picked these salt lamps in particular because I liked the organic kind of rock, crystal shape it came in. What I got is a cylindrical salt lamp which is exactly what I did not want. The pictures are false advertising.

  79. quilter

    Salt rock
    Good size for nightlite

  80. brittany

    Powerful, warm light!
    Love these! I’m a massage therapist and bought these for my massage rooms. Really helps with creating ambiance in my space. Surprisingly bright enough to give a dim light to cover the corner of my room which is just what I needed. Easy to turn on and off, and rotates in all 4 directions leaving room to use the second plug for something else. I did attempt to direct it down to the floor and the salt fell off the light. It didn’t break and was easy to secure back on which is also how you change the bulb. Haven’t had any issues after securing it again. Definitely recommend!

  81. paola

    son de muy buena calidad y pesan

  82. LauraDawn

    Loved the set that arrived, although not what was ordered.
    The set that arrived were beautiful, although not what I ordered. We received the plain cylinder ones vs the rock style. The set was suppose to arrive with 2 extra bulbs. We were missing one and the one that did arrive was completely shattered. We will not return, as we really love this set, and plan to order more for the other rooms as well as for family members

    In ref. to spare bulb, it was covered in bubble wrap, around the box. Not sure what happened, or why one was missing.

    Otherwise, a very lovely product. Looking forward to purchasing more!!

  83. jessica

    exactly what i expected
    great night light, great gift idea, very soft lighting keeps a calming feel

  84. Dyan


  85. Sus

    Love them
    work great

  86. Amazon Customer

    Not as described
    The product came and it’s not as shown in picture. It’s a big, clunky plug in that doesn’t stay in any of my outlets properly. The heaviness pulls the whole
    Unit out. It’s very very bright and has no large salt lamps are a deep orange color which allows for a nice glow during the night. This plug in is almost white in color, which makes it wrong for my purpose, as nightlight for my children. I would not recommend. I am very unhappy I wasted my money.

  87. Francia Ortiz

    Good size
    Pretty good size

  88. Janna Grado

    Great night lights!
    Just what I wanted!

  89. ShariO

    Completely satisfied
    I have been using one of these for several months now with absolutely no problem. Haven’t decided where to out the second one. Great price and I am very pleased.

  90. Judy Harbin

    They do the job
    The only issues I have with the night lights is that the salt rock is so heavy that it does stay in the light plug tight.

  91. Wendy Brown

    Exactly what I wanted.
    Night lights in kitchen. Perfect.

  92. B. LeVallee

    These night lights are lovely.
    I love these HImalayan salt night lights. They are very bright and very well made.

  93. Hunterhonn

    Cheap AF
    Came broken. No support

  94. J Lindsay

    One light didn’t work
    Was disappointed when they arrived and one didn’t work.

  95. Amy

    Beautiful warm glow
    The glow these night lights give off is beautiful–warm, orange. They’re not too bright that they wake us up, but they illuminate the house beautifully so that walking around at night we’re not bumping into furniture or stepping on kids’ toys.

  96. Nicoleta

    very good seller and professional
    Nice lamp

  97. martha

    Beautiful night lights and great buy!
    They give a bright glow to create a peaceful atmosphere.

  98. Rosealina Monserrate

    Work great
    Girls bedroom

  99. Nadia

    The salt lamp
    I like it pretty good for kids but easy to come off that’s the only thing.

  100. Karin Wasserman

    Great little himilan rock salt night lights
    These are reasonably priced and provide a decent amount of light for my bathroom for guests and the other in my master bathroom. I leave them on 24/7 .for air purification purposes. Lights came with an extra bulb. Good value for the money.

  101. Dan T

    Very nice salt light, too bright
    We got these for our kids since we have salt cellar lights in our bedroom. They’re great, but I wish they had dimmers because they are very bright. Also don’t love the cheap white plastic base; something a little more natural looking would be nicer.

  102. Amy Laughlin

    Highly recommend!
    The brightness is perfect! Not too bright to be a nightlight for my little one and just bright enough to be able to see if you need to get up in the middle of the night! Highly recommend!

  103. Krystal

    Overall, not bad
    I’ll just cut right to the point. Price wise it’s a good deal for what you get, and I am happy I bought it. I am saddened by the colors and how it fits. It doesn’t meet my expectations, but it’s hard to really complain given the affordable cost. I would buy it again, and I would also buy it as a gift for someone if I needed to.

    The one I put in the bedroom has a color that is more white/yellow than the pink that it should be. It’s just too white/yellow to make me happy considering it’s supposed to be pink. In addition, it doesn’t fit snugly. There is a chip in the bottom of the crystal, so it can’t form a snug fit around the part you put the bulb in. it slowly works itself loose to where I’m worried it may pop off. The crystal doesn’t have a lot of the white salt stuff on it, so appears to look more crystal like, with see through glass almost. Too much see though yellow/white crystal, not enough pink, or enough salt looking stuff.

    The one I put in the bathroom is a pinkish color that i can accept. I wish it was pinker, but I can accept it. It DOES fit nice and snug! This one has more of the white looking salt on it, and not enough crystal look. Too much salt, not enough pink crystal!

    They both do give off a nice glow, the bathroom/pink one glows nicer than the yellow see through one in my opinion. I did replace the bulb for a .5 watt, and i like the gentle glow on them both. I was concerned about the bulb it came with making it too hot to melt the salt, as i had read people say about.

    This did satisfied my desire to have a PINK Himalayan salt night light, even though it came with a few flaws and unmet expectations. I am overall happy with the product, and I can overlook my complaints. I like the look of them as they glow.

  104. Heather

    So both of them are broke. Not the crystal, it was packaged great. But the light goes on but then goes off, if i tap it or move the base a bit, it comes on. Both are like this. Crappy builds if you ask me.

  105. kimomu

    They are the good ones
    I’ve come across varying quality of pink salt products and seen some that are just not will produced. These nightlights are great in all the ways!

  106. Basenji Girl

    Bright into the night
    I use these salt lamps throughout my house. They are especially good at night for lighting the was

  107. Gloria Churn

    Great value
    I separate and have 2 gifts that are all have been excited with my (cost effective gift!

  108. Bernette P.

    When caused the circuit breaker to blow, Needed someone to come in and restart everything from my 90
    One of the lamps when she plugged it in blew and burnt the circuit and everything. The whole thing is black because of it and she had to have someone come in and reboost her boost her circuit breakers. Seriously dangerous….

  109. E. Blackwell

    Love them!
    Such a beautiful glow. Great for a nightlight. I have no idea if the properties of a Himalayan salt lamp are actually working but I live it!

  110. jean geidner

    Upgrade your night lights to these Himalayan Salt ones
    I traded my traditional night lights for these Himalayan salt lamp style. Because the salt lamps enhance mood, energy and some health benefits, why not? These are cool and provide enough of a glow in dark rooms. We have them in all bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways for their Orange ambiance.

  111. S&L

    Seller was very helpful
    The 1st order took forever to get here and one of the nightlights was broken and wouldn’t function even after changing the bulb several times it wouldn’t not turn on. I reached out to the seller and explained the situation and they were very willing to replace my order with a new one. I also got the 2nd order very quickly and I’m happy to report that both lamps work really well! Thank you!! I’ll definitely be ordering more of these! They are heavy (so they might lean out) and very delicate so I would put them somewhere they will not get bumped easily.

  112. pappy

    The ones I bought are absolutely beautiful.
    This is a perfect gift. I will buy again.

  113. Loretta

    Missing light bulbs
    No light bulbs

  114. Denise KR

    Love these! Great energy and perfect amount of light…not bright at all! Recommend 10/10!

  115. Tal Ben-Shahar

    Breaks easily
    The salt attachment is so heavy the fixture gets twisted in every which way, which leads to it eventually breaking.

  116. CindyWW

    Calmness and sleep better.
    My grandson has one in his bedroom and loves it and my daughter has one in the on suite. They are very calming.

  117. Kasey

    Good purchss
    Bright perfect for a night light in the living room

  118. S. Johnson

    Substantial Size & Great Light
    The weight and size was much larger than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The Quality and design are perfect. It emits a beautiful light, better than other Salt lamps that I have seen that are desktop. I would definitely purchase again or even gift it.

  119. Ern12

    On switch does not stay on
    You have to really push the on switch for light to stay on, any adjusting will turn the light off, tried screwing bulb in very tight and loose, nothing helped, switched the bulbs too, must be a faulty wall switch, defeats the whole purpose of a nightlight/ambiance if you have to sit right by it and apply constant pressure to the on switch…

  120. Trinidad Santana

    Love the lights
    Loved the brightness

  121. Nicole Dickson

    Works good
    They are a little heavy and end up falling out of the wall but good quality

  122. Amazon Customer

    It’s just as pictured, good quality product.
    It replaces my previous light perfectly.

  123. Kate B

    Great night lights
    I love these! I have one in my bathroom and one in the hall. They have a beautiful glow and small enough to not get in the way. The prongs don’t hold very tight so they do tend to slip out of the sockets

  124. angela roberts

    I was happy to get this product until one has came in half and a broke light bulb one still works but it would be better to have both.


    It worksperfectly so far, the cheapest but also beautiful and functional
    i have it for 3 days so far

  126. Sissy Louise

    Great item for gift or home
    I was happy to get this product until one has came in half and a broke light bulb one still works but it would be better to have both.

  127. Konjo

    Lift your sprite
    I use it in bed room and hallway

  128. KingFamily

    Nice glow, just wish both worked
    One of the plug-in salt lamps arrived defective. It will not stay on. I’ve tried different bulbs and different outlets. It flashes on then shuts off almost immediately.

  129. Emma P.

    Love them!
    Love these I gave the second one to my mom for her bathroom. I have these for our bathroom so we don’t have to turn on our bright normal lights and be blinded in the middle of the night and opt for the soft glow of the salt plug-ins. Might get another set for all over the house!

  130. Andrea D

    Wonderful gift to give
    I bought this for a Christmas gift. The recipient absolutely loved it! They are bright enough to navigate in the dark, yet soft enough to sleep with them on. I own several salt lamps and the quality of these night lights is excellent!

  131. Tina Ruschin

    Great quality!
    Great as gifts or keep for yourself. Brings peace to any room anywhere.

  132. Dawn Savidge

    I LOVE this nightlight!
    I LOVE this nightlight! I bought it as soon as I moved into my new place. It is likely my favorite item in my new home. It has a warm glow, just right for nighttime. I can’t tell you how much comfort this adds to my home and my mood. I’ve heard it said to create a life you can’t wait to wake up to. I don’t know about waking up during the night, but when I do I’m happy my little nightlight is there to greet me. Bet you didn’t know anyone could be this happy with a nightlight! 😉

  133. ClemsonTigers

    5.0 out of 5 stars Great deal ! Better that the picture and they even added an extra lightbulb .
    I love the lighting of Himalayan salt lamps give which is a soft calming light . I have 4 salt lamps in my house and another salt nightlight so I saw this deal n needed 2 more because I like them so much . It’s a perfect nightlight

  134. Sandra McDowell

    Natural deodorizer.
    Very good quality. Love that the house smells so fresh. . Great nightlight. So happy. I have one in every room. Great as gifts too

  135. Henrieta

    Nice looking great working

  136. booklover 142024

    Bright Amber Glow
    Bright amber-shaded glow. On and off switch.

  137. Kathy L.

    Heavy light won’t stay in socket
    Light is very bright, but has a nice red glow to it that doesn’t hurt the eyes at night. HOWEVER, the salt lamp is heavy and after about 3 months of use it won’t stay in the outlet. The red glow comes from the salt and not the light so it’s not like I can take off the block of salt. So it’s basically not usable anymore.

  138. Konagnu

    Just what one would expect, okay
    Wasn’t expecting much and that is what we got.

  139. Bruce Gelbman

    great nght lite beautiful soft colorful
    color of the light is soothing

  140. Tyler Womack

    In love!!
    I don’t think I’ve ever ran to review something from Amazon this quick. Just got these dropped off like 5 minutes ago and they’re so perfect! They’re bigger than I thought but not obnoxiously large. Im bad at taking pictures in this lighting but they are bright! Not annoying so but perfect for lighting up a small space. I really love that they not only came with a bulb in each night light but they also include a third one with purchase. Great company

  141. CharlieTango

    Great product!
    great product!

  142. Tabatha Thomson

    50/50 on this review
    The product was very cute. Only one of them works and unfortunately it was a gift so it was a crappy deal that they received a broken gift. The one that works is very cute and works great. I did see in the store that 1 sells for $14.99 so keep that in mind.

  143. Marilyn in Iowa

    Great gift idea!
    I bought these as a gift and liked them so much I ordered more for myself. Very pleased with the look and brightness of these nite lights.

  144. Maya

    Su luz tenue armoniza el ambiente
    Práctica y se ve real

  145. Luis DaFonseca

    I really like them , I may order more.
    It was a gift , & my Friends absolutely LOVE them.

  146. NotThnknBoutIt

    Love the ambiance and perfect warm night light
    Love the ambiance and having a warm night light vs led harshness especially in a bathroom. It’s also working with all the features of a salt lamp so double bonus. A bit heavy so need tight outlets to hold but no issue

  147. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommend. One in bathroom, one in kitchen, whenever I turn them on they encourage me to take a deep breath. Lovely lighting and ambiance. Perfect glow! Do yourself a favor and buy this, or two!

  148. Noily Valverde

    Me llego quebrada 😠

  149. Alexandra

    Muy lindas, la iluminación es perfecta

  150. Rebecca Tankovich

    As expected
    Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2022

  151. spantik_03cwv7

    March 13, 2022
    Create a beautiful glow in any room
    Love these Himalayan salt lamps! Create a lovely glow in any room. I have them throughout my home. Highly recommend! Well packaged and received them quickly.

  152. Amanda Simmons

    I have salt rock lamps in every room, and I really love these in my bathrooms! So cute with the perfect amount of light.

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