Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

  • HIMALAYAN BOWL WITH SALT CRYSTAL CHUNKS: Spantik’s Himalayan Salt Lamp bowl shape with salt crystal chunks is handmade & hand carved from salt crystals of Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, known as the best place of SALT craftsmanship.
  • BENEFITS & FRESH AIR: Himalayan Rock Salt lamp bowl shape enhances the ionic balance of your living spaces. Enjoy the natural properties of these unique salt crystal lamps. The Himalayan lamp emits a soft amber glow when lit, the heated rock Himalayan salt emits negative ions. The naturally ionized air creates a soothing and calming effect that helps you sleep better at night.
  • GIVES A SPECIAL INTERIOR DESIGN EXPERIENCE: Himalayan Salt Lamps give your home, business, store, or lounge a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Not only does it help enhance the mood, but its amber glow also gives the ambiance a special interior design experience. All balanced with a nice visual sensation, embracing visitors and friends in a non-stressful, recharging moment.
  • WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE & HASSLE-FREE RETURNS: Our aim is to provide you with high-quality Himalayan salt lamps. If you are facing any problem we offer you WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE & HASSLE-FREE RETURNS. Customers come first. We stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. You will be completely satisfied with this product and if you have any questions you can always contact us.


Technical Details

Model No. ‎SP02
Item Weight ‎11 pounds
Package Dimensions 11 x 7 x 7 inches
Model No.


Item Weight

11 lbs

Package Dimensions

11 x 7 x 7 inches

192 reviews for Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl with Natural Crystal Chunks, Dimmer Cord and Classic Wood Base Premium Quality Authentic from Pakistan

  1. JR

    Perfect size
    Perfect for my master bedroom and it let u adjust the light 💡

  2. Luz Santiago

    Stunning Himalayan Salt Lamp
    When I got this salt lamp, I was not expecting what Came in. This is so heavy, and it’s a beautiful, stunning lamp all at once! The light is adjustable. Gorgeous!!

  3. Laurel

    Excellent quality
    The quality of this Himalayan salt lamp far exceeded my expectations! The thickness and sturdiness of the bowl is great, the electronic part for the light is very secure and there are plenty of salt pieces to fill the bowl. Fabulous quality for the price! Would make a nice gift.

  4. Pegg

    So relaxing
    I love my light. Thank you

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great product at a great price!!
    Love! Love! Love!! There were almost too many rocks for me to configure on top of the bowl, but I can’t say that’s a complaint, more of a praise! I’m getting a second one with the round balls so I can use them to massage my neck.

  6. Nubian


  7. Chaz

    They have excellent customer service
    Very satisfied

  8. Amazon Customer

    Very Nice
    Very comforting. I’ve been sleeping like a champ. Its a great size also.

  9. Jeanne Schwartz

    Very nice. A good gift
    I have enjoyed it very much.

  10. Kp

    Great price would make an excellent gift
    Love this it’s very beautiful and works great

  11. Christian Davis

    Very beautiful and well made, BUT…
    Beautiful lamp but word of caution and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.. it comes with two light bulbs – within 15 or so minutes of having it on, I smelled burning plastic. Took the bulb and and it was the bulb that smelled. Touched it, and it didn’t feel like glass. I have extra bulbs around and used one of those with no issues after that.

    On the plus side, the brightness is perfect and they give you so many rocks, I hardly had room to fit them all.

  12. Victoria T.

    Won’t be disappointed
    If you buy this you will not be disappointed at all. Besides it’s properties it’s beautiful. There is a dimmer on it. The bowl itself is thick and it sits on a nice little pedestal. Its a nice size. The way the light comes through the salt rocks on top is nice. The difference in the salt rocks gives it difference in the light that comes through in a really good way. Definitely good ambiance.

  13. Carol Turner

    Beautiful product.
    The product was just as the description described. Beautiful gift.

  14. Lala M Cabrera


  15. Gary T

    Soothing Salt Lamp
    Sent as a gift to our daughter-in-law. She has done nothing but rave about, having placed it in her home office. She said it is very soothing.

  16. Yolanda Salafia

    Looks great in the living room
    Very beautiful and great quality

  17. Kyle Ross

    Beautiful and elegant
    I love everything about this salt lamp. I want one in every room!

  18. Sassy Momi

    Weird Smell, Do Not Recommend
    I must say, the product was beautiful. Well lit with a dimmer switch which was the main features I was looking for. However, there was a weird lingering plastic burning like smell which would not allow me to sleep. At first, I assumed it was from packaging and would lessen after a few days of airing out but that was not the case. Had to return.

  19. Teresa

    Awesome piece!
    I Love this piece so much! I got the larger size and can’t wait to get another for the other rooms in the home.

  20. Force1PD

    Seems nice, very heavy, have owned and placed in our bedroom for well over 2 months. Works well, nice nighttime light when placed on low. Works well would recommend.

  21. Julie

    So pretty
    Reviewing this product…what exactly does thickness mean for a salt lamp…I don’t want to know…anyway. This is so pretty. I have it in my foyer. My Mom keeps asking about it. I’m like it’s in the entrance of my house. I notice it every time I walk by. It looks like a molten bowl of stuff. I’m not sure about the health benefits since it is in my foyer and not my bedroom. I’ve read some intriguing stuff. Not compelling enough for me to move it to my bedroom but enough to vaguely remember it may have some health benefits. So yeah. Otherwise I would get it again or purchase it for someone else.

  22. Nmg

    Great lamp!
    The only downside is the lighting switch/ cord tends to be defective. I requested a replacement, but the company has not responded.

  23. Anna D Grimm

    My absolute favorite salt lamp yet! Warm, beautiful orange glow, plenty of rocks to fill it, easily dimmable. I love it, and want more:)

  24. Shelli

    This item turned out to be exactly what I wanted! ✅

  25. kristopher judd

    Couldn’t have asked for more. Love it. Very well made for the price

  26. Atlanta buyer

    This is so good. It looks beautiful.

  27. SueBeeHoney

    Salt lamp
    When I received the lamp I was impressed on how well the lamp was packed. I think that this style is quite lovely. Unfortunately the light didn’t work. I emailed the company and just a few days later I received the replacement. I’m so happy. This lamp is beautiful but the soft glow of it lite makes it even more beautiful.

  28. Helen davies

    It’s perfect!
    Absolutely beautiful and worked unlike the first one I bought for 11.99
    You get what you pay for and love the unique design. It’s heavy and stable unlike the traditional shape too which seemed as though it would topple easily.

  29. Amy Elizabeth Bolton

    Great purchase!
    I love this! It looks so pretty on my nightstand. it is very calming and relaxing. The quality is excellent, I love the size, very easy to put together! They even give you an extra bulb!

  30. Tristie

    I love Himalayan Salt Lamps & have been using them for years. It illuminates beautiful lighting. The design of the lamp gives you a calming serene feeling as soon as you turn it on. I’m completely in love with this purchase! Don’t look any further…. this is the one you should buy!

  31. Kat

    Salt lamp
    You can arrange salt rocks for lighting and if uptight you can put rocks on area and at least I did felt calmer! Brings a nice lighting to an area.

  32. Momkwat

    Initially, I purchased another, less expensive Himalayan Salt Lamp from Amazon. When it arrived, it seemed as though the color of the salt had been painted as I saw pearlized globs of paint on it. I washed some and sure enough, the salt was pure white! Then I read about a fire hazards with the unit’s cord so I quickly returned that one.

    I decided to take a chance on this one (the cost was about 2X more).I just felt a bit more comfortable with the feedback as well as doing research on mining of Himalayan Salt s. This company was clear on where they mine them.

    When this item arrived, I opened the box, and found that it was extremely well packed! Each item was separately packed and it came with an abundance of really nice sized, beautiful colored salt chunks as well as 2 bulbs.

    The base was securely attached to a magnificent thick salt bowl. The center of the bowl had an opening for the bulb. This company thought of everything as they had a sturdy wire cage that surrounded the top of the bulb so that it will not be damaged when the salt chunks are laid on top (unlike the other company).

    I placed my salt chunks all around the top of the bowl and plugged it in. I could not get over how absolutely beautiful it was! The first thing I thought of was how I would love one in my office and my work out meditation room. It took everything for me to not run upstairs and purchase more! I know I will though, as I want to give this as a gift to a friend that would also love it and I will probably give in and buy at least one more for me!!

    The level of the dimmer is great – very bright to very low. On the highest level, you can feel the warmth and it illuminates the bowl as well as the chunks. At night, I put it on the lowest level and keep it on all night. It has a soft warm orange glow.

    You will not be disappointed if you get this – it was so worth the extra money and I am pretty frugal, but I truly believe that this item is definitely worth the price.

    No regrets here! If you are not happy with it, you must have received a lemon (every company ahs that sometimes) but how they deal with it is the important thing. I can’t attest to their customer service as mine arrived in perfect condition but try it, I think you will really like it.

  33. Garrett Family

    Love it!
    Very happy with product and how it looks.

  34. Janet Fish

    Lights up beautifully
    I am very happy to have this. The light is lovely, and can be dimmed, or brightened a bit. I have it by my chair to relax looking at for a while at night.

  35. Walter E. Elias

    Good product
    Nice lamp

  36. VG

    Beautiful product
    Great value, Great product, Great quality.

  37. D. S.

    Great but be careful
    Love it except the rocks want to fall out

  38. Jordan

    Nice colors 🥰
    Great colors

  39. Patricia Wright

    This is the most beautiful piece!! Could not be happier. Best value for the money!!

  40. Diana

    Great Value
    Wow. Beautiful piece. Love that it is dimmable. I leave it on 24 hours. Well worth the money
    Good size. Not tiny but not oversized and bulky. Buying more for gifts.

  41. Amazon Customer

    I love it. I’m surprised about the size/quality
    This is real Himalayan salt lamp. It came with an extra bulb. The bowl is salt as well as the rocks. It has more than enough rocks to over fill the bowl. I just set it up so I can’t say alot about cleaning the air.

  42. Jacqueline Manuel

    Salt lamp
    I love it

  43. Andrea S

    The best Lamp!
    I love this lamp! It’s one of my favorite ones i have in my room. I HAVE 4 of them LOL I love that there is a dimmer switch on it. It gets warm like it’s supposed to but it never gets hot. Great gift idea too!

  44. Stacy K

    Beautiful, well made Himalayan Salt Lamp, ordered a second one.
    Love this bowl!! I purchased this bowl style after first trying a very cheap looking basket style salt lamp (it had looked WAAY better in pics). This lamp is elegant in a simple understated way. It goes with any style of decor. The bowl part is very solid and heavy, the individual salt chunks are solid as well, not flaky and brittle. The color variations are nice and the whole lamp gives a soothing glow when it is dark, I like that I can adjust the brightness with the dimmable switch.

    I can’t attest to the purported health benefits, but this Himalayan salt lamp bowl makes me happy. I purchased this one for our bedroom area. Like it so much I just ordered a second one for living room and would definitely feel comfortable to give one as a gift. It is a great value for this solid piece.
    I did have an issue with the cord crapping out after 2 days and the original bulbs that came with it burnt out at same time too, I think they got too hot…maybe the cause of problem?? I contacted the seller and they sent me a new cord pronto…2 days later was good to go again. No loss of stars due to quick and friendly response. I did buy other dimmable night light bulbs to use instead and have not had a problem. The lamp is turned off when not home for safety. The option of a white cord would be my only suggestion.

  45. Elica

    Excellent salt lamp!!!
    Building up some work from home stress so I purchased this salt lamp to help coping. Great quality just like I imagined every bit. Very soothing adjustable ambient. Comes with lots of salt rocks.

  46. R. Johnny

    I LIKE IT!
    I LIKE IT!

  47. ND

    Great quality
    Looks great, very nice addition to family room. Plus, it’s purifying the air for our family. Might purchase another for additional spaces in our home.

  48. Vladi

    Broken item arrived
    Sorry but the lamp arrived with a cracked body. Broken…

  49. Chrissy Gartung

    Adds a lot of color and tranquility to my living area.

  50. Ro T

    This was definitely a good buy. It really creates a zen vibe

  51. E. H.

    Does not work. Waiting on replacement
    Beautiful heavy lamp but electrical components are lacking. Mine did not work at all. Waiting on replacement. Company did not reply when I asked about a replacement cord/bulb socket. Amazon is replacing it.

  52. DougT

    Different. Lovely.
    Went for this for the unique design instead of the usual monolithic pieces. It’s beautiful to look at… slightly lighter orange than pictured, but otherwise accurate.

  53. Will Kolditz

    Was what I wanted
    Was as described

  54. Cheyanne Zeh

    I absolutely love this salt lamp! It works amazing for a night light, and also a lamp.
    I love the product! It is an amazing night light, lamp, and calming thing! It has helped my anxiety and when I feel anxious I just hold one of the salt rocks and I calm down!!! My sister kn law seen it and wanted to take it so I ordered her one and she loves hers as well. They are also absolutely beautiful!!!

  55. BH

    It’s beautiful.
    The picture doesn’t show the real beauty of this item. I love it. I would recommend this as a gift or for yourself.

  56. Lisa Arrowsmith

    Best salt lamp I ever bought!
    Definitely not a fake. Sweats when humid an is heavy. Very large. I Love Love this beautiful lamp. I almost didn’t buy because of the reviews so glad I took a chance.

  57. Autumn

    Bought two of these. My friend swears after setting up by his bed he woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed. I like that I can change the brightness. Was easy to put together.

  58. dawnalee williams

    Good buy
    I liked everything about it

  59. msboss

    Looks just like the picture
    I love it different than most styles it’s nice and solid. Very happy I y with my purchase.

  60. A H

    Kitchen Light
    Look Perfect in My Kitchen, really liked

  61. HDWagner

    Unique look that is functional!
    This is a really adorable accent to our bedroom. We actually got it to provide as a nightlight for us when we have to get up and feed our infant. We can control the level of brightness and our baby doesn’t seem to mind the soft glow it provides. Great buy!

  62. Greg Taylor

    Helps bring sunshine
    very wonderfull

  63. GiGi

    Relaxing Lanp
    Ordered product for my relaxation room. It is great quality and works wonderfully

  64. Shopper

    Very impressed!
    This is a beautiful high quality lamp. The adjustable brightness is very nice.

  65. sherry fiorenza

    Beautiful !
    Love this salt lamp! Beautiful!

  66. H Conway

    Horrible Condition…
    This lamp arrived in absolutely horrible condition. The base has black mold on the bottom and both light bulbs are in terrible condition as shown in the pics. I’m not sure, but I’d guess this is a return. And an awful return it is. And by other reviews, I can tell I’m not the first to recieve a terrible lamp. I would NOT recommend risking your money on this.

  67. cheryl johnson

    Get it 🔥💯
    The best, the air is beautiful my sleep is better , don’t sleep on this buy.

  68. Manuel J. Amaral

    all is good
    all is good

  69. Tamarakinney

    Luv it
    It’s absolutly beautiful i love it.

  70. Blanca Velez

    Mi lámpara de sal de Himalaya
    Me encantó mi lámpara y mi reloj. Que hermosuras. Tal y como están en el video

  71. JJ Midnight

    Obsessed with this lamp
    I love the dimming switch. It really does make my room feel a lot more peaceful and relaxed. I really love it! It’s a pretty large lamp as well which I’m very happy about.

  72. Sonia singh

    Not practical
    Beautiful salt rocks. But unfortunately they start melting cause of moisture in the basement. Very disappointed.

  73. aaron

    Great product
    I like it a lot pretty cool over

  74. Tj

    My mom wanted an Himalayan lamp. I bought the most popular one. It didn’t work. I got a refund from amazon and I ordered this one. My mom loved it. it is so beautiful. it came with a replacement lamp. I don’t see the result yet (apparently it helps sleep better) .. but it look beautiful!!

  75. F. Vinson

    This is a very warm and calming lamp

  76. Lea

    Love it
    This is a great salt lamp, beautiful as shown in the pic. Easy to set up. Love it!

  77. Amazon Customer

    For some reason I thought this was going to be more hollow like an actual bowl. Either way I love it. It’s perfect and the dimmer is wonderful. Very heavy. Great gift idea.

  78. Gayle Lindell

    Exactly what I was looking for.
    I love this creative design for a salt lamp. I have it on 24/7. It’s a perfect night light in our large living room, & I feel good about what it is doing for our home atmosphere.

  79. 4TLOL

    STUNNING! Has a beautiful GLOW!
    ‘m obsessed with salt lamps!!!!!!!!
    So freaking happy I got this one!
    What makes this extra beautiful is that the bottom part glows too!
    So it’s not just the top part with the rocks that will be looking pretty, it’s the whole thing!
    Buy this & decorate your home with it because I fell in love with mine!
    I purchased another one and will display the set in my living room!
    The color and the glow make me happy 😍🌟

  80. Amazon Customer

    electric cord seems unsafe
    I like the product but the switch keeps blowing out bulbs I’m wondering if it’s safe now

  81. Amazon Customer

    As described. Lovely. Soothing. Calming. Very nice salt lamp, especially at this price.
    As described. Lovely. Soothing. Calming. Very nice salt lamp at a very reasonable price. Great alternative to a night light. I actually believe that my two Bernese Mountain Dogs like it — it seems to help them settle down and fall asleep at the end of the evening! Purchased a second one for my guest room.

  82. Susan Dale

    This was given to me as a gift. As soon as I opened the inner box that contains the light mechanism that the bulb plugs into, I could smell the reek of bad plastic. I put it out in the sun to gas it off for days to no avail. Finally assembled it and plugged it in and turned it on. The toxic plastic off gassing is gross and unbelievably unhealthy. Wish I had just returned it right off the bat. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL product that rather than enhance one’s health does quite the opposite.

  83. Melanie Reynolds

    Awesome salt light! Sets my space in my bedroom making it very comfy!
    love my light! It’s an awesome size. The lighting is perfect and makes my bedroom so comfortable.

  84. Jayson Reckel

    Cord don’t work!!!
    Plugged in the lamp worked for 20 minutes then stopped.
    Contact the supplier and I was asked to pay for shipping to return didn’t try to send a new card or any other offer not sure why I had to pay extra fir a lamp that was supposed to work as is!!
    Now stuck with a cool salt rock blow with rocks in it that don’t light up!
    Wasn’t of money

  85. Antoinenttte Sherburne

    Adjustable glow
    Love the light, it’s adjustable.

  86. May

    Absolutely love it!
    Perfect! Exactly what i was looking for. Easy to set up. Ordering another one for our bedroom.

  87. Veronica

    Buy it!!!!
    Buy it! It’s absolutely beautiful! The light actually warms up the stones/rocks. You can feel the difference in the room. So soothing. My 3 year old loves it as our night light(yes she still sleeps with me haha).

  88. Nancy A. Williams

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Packaging was very protective. The lamp is beautiful. Larger than I thought it would be. Very quality product! Going to get another one for a gift!

  89. Joseph M. Penalba

    The dimmer feature really makes this product great
    Great product. I already had one but my brother and parents also wanted one so I bought more. Definitely recommend it

  90. Shahida Ibrahim

    Already a fan of this lamp

  91. Galen

    Defective item, first bulb burnt in 20 min, other issues
    I plugged it in and was surprised to see that the bulb burnt out within 20 min. The second bulb worked, but then I went to turn the lamp off and the knob where you turn the lamp on/off was so hot that it burned to touch, it was also starting to warp from the heat. I assume that this was just unlucky because of the almost positive feedback. I have a replacement on the way that hopefully works..

  92. Lauren Stansbury

    Tons of Compliments
    This salt lamp bowl is so unique and the quality is excellent. People pass by my office and always stop to ask about it.

  93. Tom

    Just wow!
    It’s genuine pink Himalayan salt. There were 2 pieces that were white and not pink salt rock however, the majority are. All in all I ended up buying another one for my room.

  94. Kim

    This exceeded my expectations…I just love the look of it. Some people complained, but I love that fact that you can arrange the rocks…and in fact, I have some left over….so you can add as many, or as little as you like. Love the dimmer too!
    Beautiful and calming

  95. Amazon Customer

    Make sure it’s off before plugging in
    I gave it a 4 star, because when we plugged it in the whole electric cord blew & had to order another one and now it works great. So I ordered another salt lamp for my room, but this time I made sure it was off before plugging it in and it didn’t blow up like the first one.

  96. Liz F.

    Relaxing and beautiful
    Received, simple to put together, instructions were clear as far as cleaning and how to keep it safe. Placed in front of the fireplace that we do not use and it is soothing. Being able to adjust the light is a bonus! Thinking of getting a few more and purchasing a trivet to go underneath just to keep any furniture safe. Really, I have no complaints at all. When it needs dusted, turn it off and wipe with a damp cloth and be sure no water or sweat is in the bulb area. Great gift but definitely purchase a trivet just to be sure!

  97. Barbara from Pasadena

    Everything about this lamp is wonderful!

  98. DThomson

    Love this salt lamp! Very eye catching.

  99. Disapponited.

    It began sweating and liquid was running out from under the platform. Messy.

  100. gamesRfun

    Very nice if shipping doesn’t damage it.
    Very classy item and possibly good for health as well. The color is lighter than pictured but still good orange hue. First shipment was damaged (cracks and bruises likely from transit) but fast replacement was intact and nice. Could make a good gift.

  101. George

    Very Good night light
    Does nothing for dust or adding salt in the environment.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Be careful and don’t leave unattended
    When I first for this I loved it!
    The light bulb blew and a couple of months later I replaced it with the other bulb it came with.
    I turned it on and left the room. About 30 minutes later I noticed a smell of something burning. I went to lower the light and burned my finger. The light switch/dimmer was super hot and started to melt. Not sure if the one I got had a defect, but I am not going to chance it with another one. If you do decide to get one be careful and dont leave it unattended.

  103. Cat

    love it
    love it! Seems real and well made. took me five minutes to put together. one of the bulbs arrived broken but it came with two! adds a nice ambiance to the room

  104. Martha

    Disappointed-I received a broken salt lamp
    I was so excited when my new salt lamp arrived, but, when I opened the packaging, I discovered the lamp was broken and the lamp part was also broken. It appeared this had already been opened and possibly returned? I love the style of this lamp. However, I didn’t want to go through the hassle of possibly receiving another broken lamp and having to return it too.

  105. Amazon Customer

    Great lamp
    Great lamp for the bedroom. Love the glow.

  106. Keek, An Amazon Customer

    Absolutely stunning! Nice orange glowing salt. No white chunks.
    The craftsmanship is beautiful. All the salt chunks are uniform in size and color and carefully selected. The bowl and the chunks have that desirable orange glow. No whitish salt and the salt is not oxidized. It looks just like the picture in the product description. It’s actually bigger than what I thought it was going to be. I’m not at all disappointed. The top of the bowl is about 4-1/4″ high. The way I have the salt stacked, it’s about 7-1/4″ high. The circumference around the top of the bowl is 21″. That about 6.7″ in diameter. The dimmer switch is UL rated. Comes with a spare light bulb. The bulb is protected by a little cage in the center of the bowl. The socket that the lightbulb screws into is well designed and has wire spring clips to keep it in place. Not those sharp metal pieces like some cheap salt lamps have. These are incandescent bulbs that will provide warmth to the salt. That’s what you want to release negative ions. Don’t use LED lights unless you don’t care about the negative ions. Now, good luck trying to find these old school nightlight bulbs in the store. I hunted for weeks. I bought a 25 pack of them here on Amazon for about $10. Stock up. Oh, I just bought a second salt bowl for my daughter for Christmas. She’ll love it. The light adds ambiance to any room. Chilling to a movie with a glass of wine in the evening, or placed on the top of a dresser in a bedroom for a night light.

  107. Wally

    Beautiful, calming light
    Loved the 25 watt bulb so it can get a lovely brightness. Also dimmable for a softer glow. Plus it’s beautiful and the perfect size. And you can arrange the salt rocks however you like. They give you more salt rocks than you need or could ever use.

  108. Ryan Schmutte

    Great gift idea
    My wife absolutely loved the gift.

  109. Zabrina Burnett

    Office Himalayan Salt lamp
    I really like how this lamp looks compared to others. It sets an ambiance for a room. What I did not like was it did not provide much light so I will order a second one for the room.

  110. Amazon Customer

    helps with humidity and absorbs smells right out of rooms like magic.

  111. Misti Hutchens

    I am about to buy a second one. I got for my desk at work. Now I want one in every room at my house.

  112. Brian B

    Very nice
    Very nice hand made product.

  113. Lori Nelson

    Has dimmable switch
    The lamp is heavy, warms up nicely is very attractive with added feature of dimmable switch

  114. Irene

    Gorgeous Himalayan Salt Lamp
    This lamp was easy to assemble and it gives off a beautiful apricot color/ light. Its a dimming light, adjust to your liking. I would suggest not placing under a shelf or cabinet but in an open area to fully enjoy the light. Its large, heavy and just beautiful. You can arrange the salt chunks any way you like, not difficult. I’d buy again. A perfect gift 🎁.

  115. ryan

    Bulb still works after 1.5 years
    Was a great Christmas gift

  116. Nadia

    Love it
    I love it!

  117. Simone

    salt fire bowl.It is a very heavy and substantial piece.Glow is a deep amber.Very happy with my purchase.

  118. Rwmcdonald.1

    On time and looks better

  119. moman4kids

    So glad I finally bought one!!!
    I have been eyeing these types of lamps for a long time. The ones that look like just a hunk of salt with a glow inside never really caught me enough to buy one. Then I saw this one on Amazon where you can arrange the chunks of salt yourself. I love it it works great. You can smell the change in the air as soon as it starts to warm up. This one is beside my bed. I love it so much I’m ordering another one for my home office.

  120. EJ

    So Pretty!
    I am super happy with this salt lamp! It’s a nice, heavy salt “bowl” shape and the salt rocks on top are in a separate bag, for you to put on top. Mine came well-packaged, everything intact. It comes with an extra bulb, too. Easy to assemble and plug in. I love the dimmer function. I think this looks so pretty in our living room. This is a high-quality salt lamp. I looked at tons before deciding on this one and I am very happy with it!

  121. Dona

    Beyond my expectation
    lovely addition to my table

  122. Who me?

    My first salt lamp. It’s amazing. Love the dimmer. It’s warm, inviting and you can smell the ionized air. I absolutely love it. My skeptic husband really likes it too!!

  123. Letty Koller

    Whole thing is beautiful!!!
    For ambience and brings me a peaceful feeling
    Love it
    I have them in each room 😁👍

  124. Kindle Customer

    Love it!
    It doesn’t get hot the the tough and small enough to sit in a night stand. A bit bigger than a cereal bowl.

  125. Wildchildren20

    The rocks pile on top of the bowl. There are not any inside the bowl.
    It takes a little while to heat the rocks up. They are nice size, if you want to place the rocks on your body.

  126. Amazon Customer

    Stunning art piece
    I loved mine that was gifted to me so much that I bought one to give as a gift! The pictures cannot show the real beauty of the lamp. It is a piece of art! I keep the lamp on bright throughout the day and dim it before climbing in bed. Don’t hesitate to buy this lamp!

  127. Jon

    Stopped working the same day.
    I barely turned it on and 30 minutes later i hear a pop sound and the bulb stopped working. Bought a new bulb and doesnt turn on. It wasnt the bulb the whole thing stopped working that same day. Really disappointed.

  128. BAB

    5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful & well made!!!
    This is a replacement for my defunk salt lamp in wire basket & it is much more beautiful!! Nice amber glow!!

  129. Alicia Sharma

    This did not help at all, just work as a night light.

  130. Syndrella

    Unusual, create positive ambiance.. very substantial and decorative.

  131. kb

    Grandson loved it

  132. renee

    Beautiful addition to any room wady assembly
    Nothung to dislike – this is a beautiful lamp that adds a peaceful glow to any room. Bought one for my daughter and plan to get one for my brother. Very easy set up

  133. Jai

    Secret Santa gift for my boss! She loved it!!

  134. Susan L. Bruce

    quite working a few hours after setup
    Did not work more than a few hours before the light died. Dealing with return a hassle. Could not print label Then the packing and shipping are just more work and a waste of packaging. Too bad its a very attractive and appealing lamp.

  135. Scarlet

    These are beautiful!
    I purchased 5 of these for Christmas gifts and everyone loved them! Very well made, perfect size. It takes 2 nightlight bulbs, the chord is not very long so you may need an extension chord if your electrical socket is not nearby. Great value!

  136. Carol K.

    A lovely gift!
    Gift for family member; health and positivity

  137. Gary Craig

    Great gift
    Blew the bulb and the spare bulb they gave me to replace it with was blown right from the dealer straight out of the box.

  138. Richard Long

    One star for a reason-Otherwise a 5
    This item was delivered with a back cord. The first light bulb burnt out almost immediately. The second within the day. The on off dimmer switch on the cord didn’t work.
    This item looked like a return that was shipped out again to me.
    A slight hassle waiting in line to return the bad one back to Amazon. The replacement is working like it should. I’m happy with the item now.

  139. Emily Deer

    Love it!
    Absolutely Love it! It has brought such positive energy to my room and makes it so calming and soothing! I have had 2 other salt lamps before which honestly were cheap and didn’t really give off any positive vibes but this one is amazing! It was easy to set up and comes with a spare light bulb!! Well worth the Money for a Nightstand or a Desktop!!

  140. Katrina McNamee

    Soothing light, ease of use, and looks awesome!
    Isn’t messy, no smell, and love the dimmer switch. I’ve been looking for a while, and am thankful to find this one. The reviews helped in making my decision.

  141. Nicole

    Very serene and relaxing.
    Love the dimmer option. Lots of salt pieces to fill the bowl. Great buy!

  142. Lisa McKean

    Great value for the money
    Nice glow and healing vibe

  143. diane

    Love it!!! Gave it as a Christmas gift!!!
    Gave this as a Christmas gift. My son is an engineer and put this on his desk at work!

  144. Laura M.

    Nice Piece
    This is such a beautiful piece. I have now purchased my second one. This has a very nice dimmer switch, and can be very bright if wanted. This is a sturdy, heavy piece, and is nice the wooden base comes with it. I encourage to choose this as a purchase, for it did not disappoint!

  145. Meghan

    Love this!
    I have been wanting a bigger Himalayan salt lamp and this didn’t disappoint. I loved arranging the salt chunks on top. The dimmer is awesome so at night I can turn it down so it’s not so bright. I have seen some people say they got theirs damaged and mine arrived perfectly fine. So me personally I think it’s worth the money. As for health benefits I’m not sure but it sure is calming at night to have the warm looking light on.

  146. Gutsiegirl

    Beautiful and better than expected. The dimmer switch allows for wide range of low and high light. Comes with extra bulb too. Don’t hesitate!

  147. Lovlee

    The glow reminds me of gorgeous sunset
    I gave this as a gift after putting it together and turning the light on. I felt that this beauty was worth sharing for the ambience it creates…..meditative, relaxing and soothing. The darker the room the better.

  148. Shmn03

    Very nice.
    Gave to my daughter. Very pretty.

  149. Amazon Customer

    One of my favorite purchases ever. Adds such a comforting beautiful glow to my room
    I love the dimmer light. I would definitely give as a gift.

  150. Amazon Customer

    Simply beautiful
    Absolutely love this salt bowl lamp, it has a dimmable switch and just emits such a beautiful glow. Will be ordering more from this shop again. Thank you (:

  151. Lacey Osborne

    Heavy duty
    This piece is really heavy duty. It emits a beautiful glow which can be adjusted with the dimmer switch.

  152. Natalie

    I really like this lamp.

  153. Stephanie Adams

    I love it , it’s perfect! Will be ordering another soon!

  154. rsslick

    Beautiful and calming
    Beautiful lamp. New to the salt crystal wave but this lamp is a must have .love it for a natural nightlight. May buy two.

  155. Stephen Baker

    Exactly as pictured. No issues. Love it.

  156. V.Z.

    Very Nice Himalyan Salt Lamp
    Very happy with this lamp. Would make a wonderful gift. Beautiful glow

  157. Amazon Customer

    Pretty and relaxing

  158. subamz

    Lovely glow
    The bowl and the rocks give off a lovely warm glow. I put it on a timer in my bedroom and it really produces the effect I was hoping for.

  159. amt3000

    Very nice!
    Well made. Nice lighting. Dimmer switch.

  160. Deborah D. H.

    I love the design.
    I like that the salt lamp bowl is unique and not a single piece of salt that one sees everywhere. It’s on right now and I can control the brightness to my liking.

  161. Colleen

    If your looking for a Salt Lamp Bowl this is it!!!
    This Salt Lamp Bowl is exactly what my daughter was looking for. Being able to adjust the light with the dimmer switch is a definite plus and the fact should something go wrong with the cord she is able to purchase a new one. The bowl size, shape and the size of the salt rocks are a perfect.
    Her old Salt Lamp Bowl purchased through Mercola the cord went bad and she was not able to get a replacement cord.

  162. wsf

    This lamp is soo nice. Very heavy and just beautiful… I do believe its working but just got it a few days ago. I ordered one for myself after getting my brother one for a gift. He is normally not into this like this but he loves his also.

  163. Amazon Customer

    Gorgeous Gift
    I bought this for my sister as a birthday gift and she loves it. It’s absolutely gorgeous and what’s even more great, are the health benefits (spiritual, physical and mental). I personally own a different salt lamp but in the future I will buy this one for myself. I love how you can arrange the pieces for your own preference of presentation! Everything came in perfect condition.

  164. Laura

    its calming
    Looks nice and is calming!

  165. SS super sport

    Himalayan Salt Lamp Bowl
    Bought it as a gift for someone that has everything she needs. She loves to travel & I see her as a friend that is hard to buy a gift because she has access to whatever she wants. My friend LOVES it!!! What more can I say? We are both very pleased with the gift!!!

  166. K mi

    Love it

  167. Cher

    his lamp has a dimmer switch which is wonderful for low glow to aid quality sleep. It is pure salt rocks and heavy.
    One person found this helpful

  168. Betsy Hargus

    Very classy looking salt lamp
    I love how nice this salt lamp looks. And, it has a dimmer on it, so you can adjust according to your mood. Very good value for the money.

  169. Andumbrokhani

    It is REALLY salty if you taste it, I know you aren’t supposed to but the rocks pile on nicely and the dim feature is really nice. We keep it real low at night and gives a nice glow in the room. Not sure if it’s helped with allergies or anything like that but it’s a nice feature.

  170. KB from Michigan, USA

    It’s 5 Stars for Many Reasons
    This is an absolutely beautiful lamp. From the packaging to the table top, there is no doubt these folks know what they are doing. It may cost a bit more than others, but the quality is well worth it.

  171. William O. Lopez

    Se ve precioso!
    Luce preciosa encendida, ideal para regalar.

  172. JL Tietjen

    4.0 out of 5 stars Doesn’t act as an air purifier until hot ?
    I bought the bowl with the crystals. It’s nice looking. I put it in my bedroom to see if it would help with my sleeping. It has a dimmer switch for controlling brightness and heat. If I turned the switch up the crystal pieces would feel warm, but for me the light is then too bright when I wake up during the night. I ended up lowering the light to its lowest setting. That way I feel no warmth from the light but it’s an expensive nightlight. Finally, I took it out of my bedroom and now have it in the living room. There I can turn the dimmer switch to a higher setting and can then feel the warmth coming from the crystals. However, I still don’t know whether it is purifying the air in my home nor have I noticed any benefits after using it for approximately one month.

  173. Corey

    Gift for mom
    I got this as a gift for my mom. It was missing the lighting part but we were able to find a replacement that worked with it. Was easier than trying to return the entire thing so it worked out in the end. Still annoying it was shipped out missing a major part of the product.

  174. Janet Bates

    Love it!
    Sense of calmness in the room. Love that it’s adjustable to how bright you may want it.

  175. 5150 Shopping

    Nice and authentic but….
    It is a good size and authentic but the chunks are not fastened in any way and if it is bumped at all, they will fall everywhere. So if that is good with you then go for it. I absolutely hate that aspect and for that reason am returning.

  176. Margo

    Adjustable light source
    I really like the way it looks. Used for nightlight & salt purposes. Also have large & small shard ones.

  177. Valerie

    Broke within 2 weeks
    I bought this for a night light for my girls really. I had the light on at night and off during the day. After 3 weeks, I thought the bulb went out. It took me a couple of weeks to change it because ….. 2 kids, work, school, liiiife. Then I changed the bulb and it still didn’t work. The housing unit for the bulb must have burnt out but unable to return it now because it was 6 weeks after purchase. For the price you would think it would last more than a couple weeks.

  178. debra

    Very Nice Item
    We purchased 6 of these. One for me, and five for Christmas gifts. This is a very soothing item. Maybe not with the healing powers the advertisement states- but certainly pleasant and calming. Well built- and we all joke that we have never felt better, since receiving one. LOL

  179. Julie Ann Melville

    Uniquely Gorgeous!
    This is a salty beauty! The lamp is very well made, the rocks are fun to arrange on top and we connected it to a smart plug and it comes onto wake us gently in the morning. It is like we have our own personal sunrise in our room!

  180. Michael G.

    Important how you stack the blocks around the light. Great value
    Nothing to dislike about this product

  181. Gloria J. Lewis

    Actually more beautiful in person
    A big beautiful healthy nite light
    I love it and it’s bigger than I expected

  182. KY

    5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful
    The color is vibrant when lit up, this is well worth the purchase. Everything arrived in excellent condition.

  183. Amazon Customer

    Best! Look at photos!
    Best! Was so worried it would come broken because of the weight. It’s perfect! Beautiful color, customizable rocks, salty lol. It’s also dimmable!

  184. Amazon Customer

    Bought for home
    Arrived in perfect shape, boxed well.

  185. Kate

    Beautiful salt lamp
    I am really happy with this purchase. Compared to the price of other salt lamps, this was very reasonable and well worth it. I love how unique each salt piece is and you can stack them any way you want. Also appreciate how you can adjust the brightness with the knob on the cord. I would highly recommend this salt lamp and would definitely purchase again.

  186. TV33

    Rich in color – very nice
    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but other reviews highly recommended this lamp. As soon as I took the bowl out of the box, I was hooked. The bowl has great flowing patterns within the salt that are really eye catching. The dimmer allows for all sorts of adjustments and the lamp looks awesome whether it’s dim or bright. Buying another because of the exceptional quality.

  187. Samasorus

    Worth it!

  188. Lupe Zarate

    Quality good for your mind in soul
    It’s a must it makes your home warm in comfy 😊

  189. Sidney S Meadows Sr

    I love this rock and salt bowl. It brings a glow to my office.

  190. Arcee

    Worked out
    My second order in the picture, is to the left, because the first one came cracked; so a replacement was sent to me. I decided to keep the cracked one as well. I was able to repair it myself with super glue I purchased from Amazon. Well as you can see in the second photo to the right, the glue is holding it together well! So I’m basically satisfied with this purchase overall.

  191. Amazon Customer

    Great look, discussion piece.
    Looks like hot ambers. All the salt is contained so there is never a mess.

  192. Skydust11

    The BEST one.
    This is the best-looking one. I ordered both, this one and the 2 pink rock large crystal from LEVOIT. Trust me on this one. This one looks way better. I should have ordered 2 of these instead.

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