Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

Spantik's Premium Quality Himalayan Salt Products

  • HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP NIGHT LIGHT : Spantik’s Himalayan Salt Lamp is handmade & hand carved from salt rock crystals of Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, known as the best place of salt craftsmanship. Unlit, the crystal’s rough-hewn, irregular surface looks artistic.
  • DIMMABLE DIMMER SWITCH FOR LIVING ROOM : Spantik’s Himalayan Salt Lamp is adjustable with inline dimmer switch to match the ambiance. Its salt crystals sit atop wooden base, perfect for the design-conscious home. It’s right at home on a coffee table, bedside table, desk, as an accent for meditation and yoga spaces, and as a night light. The warm glow given off the Salt Crystals will provide a soothing and tranquil environment.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS & FRESH AIR : Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp enhances the ionic balance of your living spaces. Enjoy the incandescent and natural properties of these unique salt crystal lamps. Himalayan lamp when lit emits a soft amber glow, the heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions the naturally ionized air Creates a Soothing and Calming affect which helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed.
  • GIVES A SPECIAL INTERIOR DESIGN EXPERIENCE: Himalayan Salt Lamps give your home, business, store or lounge a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Its amber glow gives the ambiance a special interior design experience. All balanced with a nice visual sensation, embracing visitors and friends in a non-stressful, recharging moment.
  • Each lamp will be a unique piece – no two are ever the same – Hand Chipped Salt Stones varying in size, shape and color.


Technical Details

Model No. ‎SP01
Item Weight ‎5 pounds
Package Dimensions 10.04 x 5.2 x 4.8 inches
Weight 5 lbs
Model No.


Item Weight

5 lbs

177 reviews for 7 Inch Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Cord – Night Light Natural Crystal Rock Classic Wood Base Authentic from Pakistan

  1. Gabrielle

    Waste of money, light bulbs burnt out in 15 minutes
    I followed all directions, and used the lightbulb that came with the lamp. Had it plugged in for about 15 min and the light bulb completely burned out. Absolutely ridiculous.

  2. mdfzitrwc

    Beautiful lamp, horrible packaging.
    Overall I really like this lamp, its very cute and excellent lighting for late nights. The package arrived at my neighbors door, which wasn’t an issue. However, upon opening, one of the small boxes for the light was rattling and opened up, thousands of tiny shards of glass went over my hands and I got cut in a couple of places. Just be aware of that when you purchase, I have to clean everything thrice just to be sure not to get cut again. The black plastic cord to the stand also came broken, and the missing piece is not in the box so I cannot put it back together. It still works and stands fine, just messes with my feng shui. I would recommend but not as a gift as it can harm whoever opens the box, order at your own risk.

  3. Elizabeth Poulos

    Perfect addition to my room! I love it!

  4. Chris S.

    The light of my life
    Feeling the good energy from this lamp!

  5. YB

    It warms up and is so beautiful!
    I love it, I love it, I love it. Easy to put together. Salt part came perfect looking.
    The only thing I will change are the arches in the bottom of the stand, why 3? I understand it’s for the electrical wire but one would have been good. Also the salts do warm up when it is on, I know this is important to people who buy salt lamps.

  6. Kayla

    Awesome lamp
    This lamp is perfect, exactly what I wanted. The light is a nice peach tone because of the color of the salt, which is really nice for night and easy on the eyes. Doesn’t give me migraines like other lights. Easy to assemble too.

  7. Qwert

    It’s a great size! Works well(: really great deal

  8. Lee

    Only lasted 5 months

    Update 12/3/21
    Just stopped working AGAIN. Already used the spare bulb 4 months after purchase. Has always made that fizzy sound when turning on/off. The salt part itself is lovely but what’s the point if it stops working twice in first year after purchase.

    Update almost 4 months since received: would have kept it at 5 stars but it made a kind of fizzing sparky sound today at the power switch when I tried to turn it on, and now will not work. I definitely expected it to last more than 5 months!!! I’d suggest you keep looking elsewhere.

    I really enjoy this salt light! The color/striations are pleasing, and the wide range of dimmable light levels are Puuurfect – I mean I literally puurrrrr sometimes just finding myself looking at it. I find myself breathing more deeply and relaxing as I realize I’ve been looking at it for a bit. Sometimes it is behind the TV, and the lovely pink/orange glow it emanates around the TV frame is AWESOME and at times reminds me to turn off the device and do something relaxing.

    I have never slept with any light, needed total blackout, but I have been dimming this one down to max and sleeping well, it gives me just enough light not to bang up my body if I need to get up midsleep, not disturbing falling or staying asleep at all. I appreciate the extra bulb, it was very easy to put the bulb in, and the packaging was good.
    I wasn’t in a hurry as far as delivery time, it showed up as promised, on time.

  9. smnds

    Would recommend
    Like that we can adjust brightness of light

  10. a

    really good, light burnt out kinda quick

  11. KG1030

    Stopped working after 2 months
    Delivered on November 3. Just yesterday I thought the bulb blew. However with a new bulb it will no longer power on. Different outlets and all.

  12. mrs. orchard

    Awesome quality. The light isnt very bright though
    Maybe I’m missing the point if it’s supposed to be a kind of dim light but I thought it would be brighter. Other than that I gave it to my sister in law and she loved it. she said the same thing about the light though. It brings a super nice aesthetic to the room and gives it a warmer feeling! Would definitely gift again.

  13. NightOwl3579

    Great salt lamp!
    Had this on my Christmas list and so happy I got it as a gift. It is a beautiful color and has some pretty veining in. The picture makes it look brighter than it is. Perfect glow and I do feel like my allergies and congestion are better. Nicely packaged and everything intact in box.

  14. Sanjay madhav

    Sanjay madhav
    priced well
    why waste money paying $50+ retail? actor sanjay madhav

  15. Just jane

    Great ambient relaxing light!
    I love the relaxing ambient light that reflects off of this lamp!! Very soothing!! ❤️

  16. jessica

    Great light but back of rock is flat
    Love this light except for the back of the rock is flat

  17. Amazon Customer

    perfect and relaxing
    so adorable! i love how you can adjust the brightness

  18. brett

    Good quality salt lamp
    Though it did not come as pictured…. (being a lighter/whiter version of Himalayan rock)… I am very pleased with my purchase. The dimmer is a beautiful feature. The rock itself is interesting and has character. The base is solid wood and is as pictured. This is my third salt lamp in my life… I happen to like this shopping experience best. Having two bulbs (one as a spare) in the package is also something I appreciate. I would recommend this product.

  19. Sarah Lately

    So pretty
    Love this lamp & use it almost every night before bed.

  20. Amazon Customer

    Its nice
    Its nice

  21. Hayden Bebber

    It’s what I wanted
    I love it so much

  22. Chelsea Fitzgerald

    Quality Lamp
    I got this lamp for my desk, and it adds a little more warmth to the room.

  23. Bud

    Very relaxing
    My husband got me this for my nightstand and I love it! I love the fact that it is dimmable. It help me to relax after long days at work and I do actually sleep better. I suffer from COPD. He got it after hearing of the health benefits of cleaning the air and improving breathing. We shall see.

  24. schole105

    Not wide range on dimmer settings
    The dimmer does not go very far in either direction, the lowest setting is still very bright, the highest setting not too much brighter. Very disappointing, my other rock salt lamps have a wide range on brightness to dimness. We use it for the baby’s room and the lowest setting is too bright. Other brands do a better job on giving a wider range on dimness and brightness.

  25. Anderson SC

    Perfect 7 inch salt lamp
    Perfect size, dimmable, came with second bulb. Light is just what I wanted. Good packaging and included instructions.

  26. Jasmine

    Thank you
    Use it daily

  27. Amazon Customer

    Bad switch
    Buy a different one. Switch broke after using for 2 months now I have to find another to buy.

  28. Jon

    Do not buy
    Bought it as a Christmas gift. It worked for a month and no longer works. I would not recommend this salt lamp.

  29. Toni G

    Happy with the way the seller responded
    The seller replaced my broken lamp without a hassle and the replacement has been working perfectly so far. The seller definitely cares about customer and how their products are viewed.

  30. I shop a lot

    It is perfect for bath time zen mode

  31. Jana K. Andringa

    quit working after 2 months of
    The salt lamp was cute it was a gift for my daughter for Christmas of 2020. now February 2021 it no longer works. I’ve tried several bulbs several plugs and it will not turn on.

  32. Kris

    Buy it!
    This is such a nice salt lamp. When I ordered I wasn’t sure how the color would be when it arrived. Thankfully it was perfect! It was not orange and more of a blush pink tone. The dimmer switch is an great feature. The lamp fits nicely on a side table. Highly recommend. Stop looking and purchase this salt lamp!

  33. Sharon

    Very happy
    It was a gift for my daughter. She loves it.

  34. Carolyn

    Nice and relaxing salt lamp with a great dimmer switch
    Really nice salt lamp, perfect for a night light. The dimmer switch can make it go from barely there to decently bright.

  35. Matthw Fronick

    good quality
    great quality lamp! has dial to control brightness level, very easy to set up

  36. Sayli

    I loved

  37. Priscilla

    Great product
    Love this product!!! Was my son’s present for his desk & he loves it! Adjustable light to dim to bright and creates a relaxing environment for bedtime or during his study time.

  38. Brenda

    Came with an extra bulb but it flickered and only worked for about a week.

  39. Wednesday

    Unique with pretty glow
    bought a few of these for my kids. They all love them. Teenagers and 25 yr olds alike think they’re cool. Each one is unique & all have a pretty glow. The quality seems very good. I hope they last for a while. In person they appear to be as nice as the ones that cost twice as much. They had no odor & were packaged well.

  40. Daniel Bowman

    Wife says she feels better
    No much else I can add. Is she thinks it helps and is working for her, then it is!

  41. Alex

    Beautiful lamp.
    I’m loving this salt lamp. It gives off the perfect light and Ambience, I don’t notice a smell to it at all. It’s a great size, easy to use, and looks great!

  42. Fefee Fakhry

    It’s so good, real himalayan rock. Even taste like it 😂😂 it works really well, I have noticed the difference. It’s pretty solid, real heavy and nice really bright as well. I didn’t expect it to me so bright It’s a good lamp to light up a small room. It heats up nicely, but it doesn’t get hot just warm. You can also make it really dim its beautiful when it’s dimmed. I recommend!! I bought 3 of them, and ordered 4 more!!

  43. Abigail H

    Updated review
    UPDATE: The seller contacted me right away and sent me a whole new lamp, which is perfect! The lightbulbs fit and everything is as I’d hoped. It came super quickly and I’m really satisfied with the service I received. They went above and beyond my expectations to fix the problem. I am no longer disappointed and would definitely recommend.

  44. Amazon Customer

    Love it
    It is perfect. I boght this for my grandson who loved it.

  45. Lizrus

    Beautiful lamp, might not be real though
    This is a beautiful light: it works well, came with an extra bulb (we haven’t used it yet. The bulbs last a long time; we never turn ours off). The dimmer goes from very bright to very dim. However, it does not sweat or chip off as I understand real salt lamps are supposed to do? Tastes salty though.

  46. Kelsey

    Very happy with my purchase
    Gorgeous, heavy, dimmable, affordable. Packed nicely. Unpacked and put bulb into lamp, very easy set up. Came with an extra bulb.

  47. Amy

    Love it!
    Worth it! ❤️

  48. Nicole

    Birthday present hit!
    Got this for my friend for his bday bc he is obsessed with mine at my house! Anyway, he was so excited when I got him his own and he’s been loving it now he sweat it helps him sleep better at night and achieve a better quality of sleep! Only thing I didn’t love was the plastic packaging that it was in (inside the box) seemed a little beat up. Other than that the lamp works just fine and he was really happy with the present! Highly recommend!


    Satisfied Purchase
    Great product reasonably priced

  50. Doretha Streeter

    I love the lamp
    There’s a peaceful energy and a nice color to the room now.

  51. Dee

    Love it.
    My 1st Salt lamp. I love it, I love the dimmer switch. I can make it cozy at night.

  52. charlene

    beautiful lamp!
    i really love this lamp so much– in my opinion its really calming and i love how you can adjust the brightness to your liking. came in perfect condition. it’s very cute for room decor and gives a very cozy vibe for your bedroom! 10/10 🙂

  53. Starlites Magic

    Peaceful & Relaxing
    Love love 💕 my Salt Lamp!!

  54. Arlette

    Came broken
    The base won’t click into the lamp so it can’t be picked up and moved easily.

  55. Amazon Customer

    Great price for size and quality!
    This is by far one of the nicer lamps that I’ve purchased. The dimmer is perfect for moments when you want a nice bright glow, or dimmed for falling asleep.

  56. murli

    Blub burnt within 1 week

  57. maria padron

    Cumplio mi expectativa
    Perfecto todo

  58. Marianela Stanziola

    Excelente para el hogar

  59. susie

    Dimmer works well!
    I like thedimmer switch. Nice lamp.

  60. T.L.

    Relaxing light!!
    Beautiful soft glow and well-made!! Very glad I got this!!!

  61. Jennifer Podkowka

    Love It!
    I love my lamp! I feel like I sleep better.

  62. Jackie Guerra

    Looks beautiful
    The lamp works great. Looks beautiful. Even the packaging was great considering the delivery driver threw it over my gate like a brick… it was perfectly in tact.

  63. Janice D

    Highly satisfied
    The size is great, and I love how I can adjust the brightness. Definitely feels real, even tasted the salt haha. I had a Himalayan salt candle holder before, but this time I wanted an actual lamp. So happy I purchased this one! Great price Easy. Easy to set up and use right away. Also loved how it comes with an extra bulb

  64. PSJ1944

    This was a gift, and I was told that it was very nice.
    I did not receive it personally.

  65. CaityCheeks

    Adjustable lighting, provides either a soft glow for sleeping, or turn bright for reading!
    Very cute lamp, perfect for a bedside table. Love the pinkish glow it provides. This picture was taken with the lamp turned about halfway up. It has a nice little dial that makes it easy to adjust. Also comes with a spare light bulb which will come in handy when this one burns out. The light is soft enough to sleep with when turned on its lowest setting. Would be a great night light for a child’s room (or an adult who spooks themselves by reading Stephen King’s novels before bed lol) I highly recommend this lamp, I will probably gift my sister one as a house warming gift!

  66. Lora

    Skeptical at first, but I’m a believer now
    It actually really works! It made me sleep without waking up for the first time in months. There is no salt smell, the light is crap. The first light bulb failed within 4 days. So far the second light bulb is still going. Buy reliable bulbs if you plan on using it all the time.

  67. Amazon Customer

    Only lasted 6mo.
    Only lasted 6mo. Cane with with extra bulb but that wasn’t the issue. Will not turn on.

  68. Sandra Blake

    Great little lamp
    Love the dimmer. Perfect size fir a small space!

  69. yutmom

    Reduce EMFs.
    Great lamps, dimmer switch, reduces EMFs, beautiful glow, creates a relaxing ambience.

  70. Amazon Customer

    Great value
    Perfect salt lamp! Has ability to change brightness!

  71. cabingirl

    Good Quality
    This salt lamp is beautiful, with no chips cracks, or flaws. Nice size and pretty color just like the photo. I love it!!

  72. Michaela

    I love this thing! Exactly as expected. Even has extra bulb and dimmer switch. It does leave salt crumbles nearby, but that’s what salt does.

  73. L Burdo

    Is as described
    It has a dimmer switch. On bright lights up my whole room. I notice my sinuses are better when I use it and sleep better

  74. Scott


  75. Erin

    Color fading
    Had it for less than a month and the color started fading, it has this white stripe. I googled it and it said to wipe it down but that didn’t do anything, it’s not a white powder it’s the actual rock color. I wanted an orange glow but it’s not very orange anymore. 🙁

  76. storyink

    Rich, orange color, but shaved off one end (!!)
    I love the color – it’s perfect. At any setting on the dimmer, it’s gorgeous.

    The dimensions state 7.5-8.5
    The one I received: The base is 3/4″ the salt rock itself is 6.5″ – so it’s within the range advertised.
    And yes, for me it’s worth docking 2 stars:
    One part of it is shaved flat! That means you have only one option for viewing – with the flat side against the wall.
    None of the photos or description mention this. I love the color and the size for where I have it, so I’m keeping it. But I would not have purchased it otherwise. Part of what I love about my larger salt lamp is that I can turn it when I want and get a fresh angle.

  77. Jessica Oseguera

    Highly recommend.
    I use it frequently at night. It gives off a nice, subtle smell that makes the room feel clean and fresh.
    The lighting can be adjusted to your liking with the convenient dial.

  78. Christopher DeSimone

    Kids love it
    The kids love it.

  79. Glenna Henderson

    Great gift
    I have bought many of these for gifts for others. After all the great things said about them, I decided it was time to gift myself! It was at such an affordable price, I was thrilled to find it!

  80. do u think it’s worth getting?

    Love this Lamp!
    It came as expected. Great quality.

  81. Lynne E. Dean

    Well balanced and a pleasing shape
    This was not my first purchase of a salt light. This one was nicely balanced and didn’t have any areas that had a “dirty” look to them. The adjuster is easy to use and has a wide range of light. I liked getting a spare bulb with it.

  82. Fatima

    Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2021

  83. Christine Strayer

    Love my salt lamp!
    I love my salt lamp, it’s so beautiful and calming. Cute to keep next to my bed side. It has a dimmer switch which is really nice depending on your mood. This was such a great purchase.

  84. M Crenshaw

    Great Value!
    The size is great for the price. It puts off a strong glow without being distracting and if you think it’s too bright at first, dim it down low and work your way to a brightness that is easy on your eyes.
    I have a salt lamp in all the bedrooms in my house and they are wonderful for a calming night light but also look great in the daylight. This one came with a replacement bulb which was nice, but you can easily pick up more at the grocery store because it’s a simple night light bulb.

  85. kristi115

    Beautiful and good night light
    I keep the lamp on the dimmest setting at night, and it’s perfect as a night light for me and my pup. Very beautiful and soothing warm color. It also gets bright enough to read with.

  86. Tracy

    Beautiful Lamp!
    Beautiful Lamp! Gives your room a nice touch and aura. Love it so much!

  87. Carly N.

    Great gift
    Great gift, very pretty

  88. Victoria L. Johnson

    Himalayan Salt Lamp
    Easy to order, good price, quickly delivered and soft lighting.

  89. Amazon Customer

    The light insert does not fit all the way in to the Himalayan salt so it doesn’t stand correctly. I’m hoping the replacement won’t have the same issue

  90. kathy tisdale

    Great buy
    This was a great buy at a amazing price

  91. Mauro

    ‘Reduces Seratonin Levels In The Bloodstream’
    These guys don’t even know what seratonin is nor it’s function once it’s actually in the bloodstream. It serves a completely different purpose once it’s in the blood and it absolutely isn’t something that you want to increase once it’s in there and there’s no way a salt rock lamp would even do that among the other bogus things it’s trying to push. Just get it if you want a pretty light.

  92. D. Carvalho

    Beautiful glow
    I really do love the glow these lamps give off. Perfect soft light accent.

  93. Jodi Hack

    Great gift for yourself or a friend!
    I have and bought one for a friend— great as a night light. The dimmer is a plus. Great value for the money.

  94. Lauren D. Vines

    Exactly as ordered and beautiful
    Previous post said that I had not recd it but discovered someone had hidden it. 🙂
    Anyway, it is good quality, and tastefully manufactured. Is a great accent peace and helps enhance sleep in my bedroom. Also makes a soft night light!!!

  95. Sam

    Good energy looks nice
    I love it

  96. Bri Katrina

    I love this lamp! It is the perfect addition to my bathroom and gives off the most chill vibes.

  97. Lorie S Roach

    Great lamp
    I like the salt lamp and the dimmer switch. It’s really a good size too.

  98. T. Bruno

    Just what I was looking for. Good size. Great buy overall!

  99. Marula


  100. Amazon Customer

    Great size and light source
    I love how this lamp has brightness options. There is a knob to dim the light. It does make the salt warm after a while as all lightbulbs do so don’t keep it on 24/7

  101. jeane

    Himalayan Salt Lamp/switch isnt easy
    It does not have an easy on-off switch. Would not buy again. My other Himalayan lamp had a touch switch.. much easier

  102. Mike Teixeira

    Stay away
    First, the dimmer switch stopped working, then the base disconnected from the lamp, finally it started sweating and left salt and water all over the place. It held on just long enough for the return period to lapse. I bought it in June and by Mid_August it was unusable. Do not buy.

  103. bluez

    Beautiful lamp ,soothing, bought this as a gift the person loved it !!
    Quality was good not to heavy. Adds a great vibe feeling to any room definitely recommend.

  104. Patricia Lira

    Great lamp
    Good quality

  105. Jackie N.

    salt lamp
    Works well for intended use.

  106. heather thomas

    Great mood light
    Wonderful warm lighting

  107. C. Glenney

    great salt lamp at reasonable price
    Just the right size for the bedroom. tranquility from a lamp

  108. A Reader

    It’s exactly what you’d expect – a chunk of pink salt that lights up
    Life is short – if you want a chunk of pink salt that lights up, don’t agonize over the decision! Nice size for a nightstand.

  109. Amazon Customer

    Something is wrong with my lamp
    My lamp “sweats” and has condensation on it

  110. haroldo

    Cool little salt rock lamp
    I was happy with this lamp came with an extra bulb and it’s really nice for mood light.

  111. doug bryan

    The lamp is very brite and that’s awsome
    Nothing I like this item

  112. RJensen

    Very light in color
    It is a pretty lamp, But it does not have that pink/orange color to it. It is very light in color. But the over all quality is good and I like it.

  113. M McPeak

    Quick delivery,great product!!
    This lamp was purchased for my granddaughter for her birthday and it looks well made.

  114. Josh

    far too top heavy so difficult to use
    Beautiful lamp – nice and bright – far too top heavy though so impossible to use

  115. L.M

    This type of lamp is nice
    I bought the Himalayan salt lamp not from Amazon but from a store call 5 below out in NYC. It cost me about 5 dollars and the one I have you have to pull it USB in the computer or add an outlet adapter. The one I got you have to turn it on and of by unpluging and pluging it. The one I have changes color blue,green,yellow purple.

  116. Cbh

    Like the quality, color, shape … real himalayan salt lamp .
    Plus, it comes with 2 bulb lamps 🙂

  117. Desertman

    Great ambiance lighting
    These lamps are cool! Be sure it comes with an inline dimmer…have 2 of them

  118. Liza Surik

    Beautiful lamp 😊😊😊
    Getting hot pretty slow, but beautiful color in the room!!!

  119. Angella March

    You need to take PayPal sometime a lot easier to pay
    Love the products

  120. Erica Fox

    Great little lamp
    This is a nice little lamp. I’ve had a few and I like this one the best. It’s dimmable and it’s very bright at the highest setting.

  121. Mandi25

    It’s just alright. Does not look as pictured.
    The salt lamp I received is pale/white and not in the light orange/pink range as advertised. It looks okay, but it’s not what I wanted. Lucky for these people I have no desire to drag all this back to Kohl’s for a return 🙃

  122. Tori Platko

    I love these salt lamps❣
    I love these lamps. I’ve got 4 in my house and I bought 4 more for as a Xmas presents for 4 of my friends.

  123. Alexa

    My salt lamp creates such an calming ambiance and allows for dimming.

  124. B. M. Gray

    We like it
    I like everything about this. Not only a great night light being dimmable, it also helps us to breathe easier. Not sure how it does it, but we’ve noticed a difference.

  125. Amazon Customer

    Wont buy again
    I plugged in the lamp instantly heard a pop and a mechanical burning And lamp did not turn on

  126. Sharee C

    It’s my first salt lamp but love the dimmer & extra light bulb
    The dimmer is a wonderful feature. I bought my kids the fun shapes salt lamps & there is not even an on/off switch let alone a dimmer. I love the color of this lamp. Easy to install the light bulb & I am grateful for the extra bulb for down the road. I love the unique shape. Still working on seeing if it changes the air quality in the room but so far it’s been great!

  127. vicki

    Love that it’s dimmable.

  128. aubree

    Great product for a good price!
    I put this on my nightstand, but my roommates keep asking me to move it into the living room because we all love it! It can get pretty bright and the dimmer is a plus- looks just as pictured!

  129. Erin

    My kid loves it!
    Awesome salt lamp. It emits a beautiful light and it cane with an extra bulb. Defifintly recommend!

  130. Traci

    Very pretty color
    This was really pretty and the dimmer switch is a plus

  131. Denise Lee

    It’s in my classroom.

  132. Sarah

    Perfect for breastfeeding
    I used it for night breastfeeding sessions and it’s PERFECT! The light is very dim and warm, does not interrupt the night rest
    One person found this helpful

  133. Joe Plavetic

    Use Indoors
    I had on the lanai outside in Florida and the humidity causes the salt to liquify. Think great but use indoors.

  134. Peyton

    3.0 out of 5 stars It only lasts for a few months
    Super bummed because this salt lamp randomly stopped working one day. I tried replacing the light bulb with the one given to me as a replacement, but the light never came back on.

  135. Jess

    Great bang for your buck
    First time owning one of these lamps, great experience, it has many different settings for different brightness and works perfectly for a yoga type feel lighting in a room, it’s also great quality for the price and has a wood stand, I love it!

  136. Kimmy

    Good soft light
    Just enough light to use as a night light or a mood setter. It is a great gift idea. I think it was fairly priced. Heavy.

  137. Jena M

    Updated to 5 stars due to great customer service
    Updated review: In less than 48 hours the seller contacted me and sent me a replacement & it’s lovely. The hole is deep enough for the lightbulb on this one.
    The hole where the lightbulb goes in isn’t deep enough, so the light won’t fit inside. This makes the lamp all wobbly and leaning to the side.
    One person found this helpful

  138. Sophie Markle

    Great for price!
    I didn’t buy this lamp for it to be real salt, I really don’t know if it’s real or not, if you’re just buying it for a cute lamp, I totally recommend!

  139. Matt’sGirl

    This is the best gift for so many reasons
    This has a dimmer switch, and the salt is actually Himalayan salt which is nice. It has a lovely glow. I have it in my office where no candles are allowed, but it has the same glow. I feel like I’m working by a fireplace which by is lovely. And when I get cold I just want my hands on the salt. It’s really lovely.

  140. DLD

    Salt lamp
    This item is perfectly described & brings joy to my heart!

  141. Andrea Chavez

    Beautifully made and nicer than I thought.
    No complaints. The knob for brightening and dimming is well made and nice looking. The wood base is beautiful. Heavy and secure. Love it. I bought two, both came with extra bulbs. One for my room and one for my 11 yr old son.

  142. Mandi Bellmyer

    Beautiful color and shape
    Beautiful amber glow. Sturdy stand. Would definitely buy again.

  143. Nancy

    De lo mejor que uno dece tener

  144. Desfaithh

    Use it everyday
    Love this so much as a nightlight.

  145. Lizy

    Muy buena y bonita.
    Llego muy bien en buenas condiciones, todo de buena calidad!

  146. G. Albert

    Fabulously Larger Than Expected!
    Very nice size (a little larger than expected)! It has a warm, wonderful glow and comes with an extra bulb.
    I purchased this for a gift but like it so much I will be buying one for myself!

  147. Stan

    Awesome night light
    have mine on a lower setting and it throws just enough light to not be annoying but to see clearly. It seems to work wonders because I sleep better, wake more rested with less issues like what I had before I got it.

  148. Pamela Nieder

    Great night light
    Is very bright makes good night light

  149. Jeannie051201

    Perfect gift
    I bought this for my niece and she loves it. I have one myself and love the glow it puts off.

  150. …..

    Amazing Product!
    Super easy to set up and turn on. Allows you to adjust brightness to your liking. 10/10 would recommend!!

  151. Eric Seelye

    it is so simple to set up! It comes with light bulbs, it’s the perfect size, and it’s adjustable to any brightness you want! I love it so much and you should consider buying it!

  152. Alex

    I’ve always wanted one and now I do

  153. Jennifer

    Nice exactly as described would buy again

  154. Miles Mazel

    Great, dimmable, spare bulb

  155. maria borghi

    great product!!!
    great product

  156. Amazon Customer

    My mom loves it
    I bought this for my mom for Christmas. She loved it. She uses it all the time.

  157. Margot R.

    I LOVE this lamp!
    I absolutely love this salt lamp! The quality is great and shape is beautiful. The dimmer works wonderfully and it comes with two light bulbs. I highly recommend!

  158. Eva

    I was scared to order salt lamps from Amazon, but took the risk and ordered 3. They’re not all centered on the wooden platform but still beautiful!

  159. Sara

    I have been wanting one of these for a long time. Finally purchased a couple weeks ago and I’m soooooo glad I did! I have been sleeping better than I have in probably 20 years, and I haven’t felt the need to take any anxiety meds either!! I also have several cats and live on a dirt road, so allergens are everywhere…i havr even been breathing better and using my inhaler less!! This product does exactly what it says and is definitely worth the money! I HIGHLY recommend getting one for every room in your house!!

  160. Rafa Márquez

    Buena, pero muy poco brillo
    La lámpara muy buena, pero tiene muy poco brillo o luminosidad, quema los bombillos cada 2/3 meses, trae dos bombillas incluidas.

  161. Sara D

    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while, and I’m very glad I bought this. It came in great condition, and with two bulbs. The lamp itself is decently sized and it emits a very soft calming glow. It was very much worth the money.

  162. Teesh

    Perfect salt lamp!!
    I was super nervous ordering this salt lamp on Amazon for a few reasons; some bad reviews and hard to trust good Amazon reviews these days. But I am here to say that I approve and recommend this salt lamp! I wanted it more for the relaxing ambiance rather than any claimed health benefits, so for the ambiance and quality I give it 10/10 stars!
    Love the big size and ability to dim the brightness. Also.. it is so esthetically pleasing!!
    Happy I went with this brand/product and I think anyone else interested in looking for a great quality Himalayan Salt Lamp on a budget without sacrificing quality will love it!

    (Pictures Include what the dimmer dial looks like and size reference of lamp next to a 20 fl oz water bottle and 12oz Red Bull can)

  163. Paxton

    I love the dimming option!
    It gets bright enough to light up my whole room, but it also gets dark enough to just barely light up ! I love it!!

  164. Natalie Aponte

    Great gift!
    My daughter loved this as part of her Valentine’s gift.

  165. Teri

    Great Product
    I use this in my room as a night light and it’s perfect. I love that it’s dimmable and it just has a very relaxing glow. I highly recommend!

  166. Katherine

    My New Favorite Possession
    I LOVE this salt lamp. It’s my favorite thing I own right now. I love that it’s dimmable. It makes the room so calm and relaxing.

  167. Ash D.

    Only works with wall outlets or certain extensions
    Super excited for this, easy set up, and plugged it into a wall outlet to test out how well it worked and it worked great. Then it came to plugging it into an extension in the spot intended for this lamp, and it didn’t work at all. Tried it on another short extension outlet in my house, and it worked there, but the one place intended for display, without another extension able to fit for length and space, it doesn’t work. Super disappointing and not sure why that’s the case when I have two other items plugged into the same extension outlet that work great. So be weary that this may not work in your extension outlet too. Will be returning this since it is useless for my needs and will just have to go without one for now.
    Another issue is the base (where the light is inserted). It doesn’t click into place like instructions say (literally no place to have it “click”). It started to come out just by lifting the lamp. It’s a poor design if you plan to move around your lamp a lot. Also, it was odd having to insert and screw the light in the first place. A salt lamp I had for nine years never had you install anything and lamp lasted whole time. It just came all together and ready. This was not a good replacement for my needs and expectations, and I doubt it would last long.

  168. Azriel


  169. Amazon Customer

    Love the light quality
    Perfect size.

  170. Henry

    Great lamp!
    Love the light. Perfect for my wife who works shift work, provides night time light on demand for her variable sleep schedule.

  171. Brittany

    Don’t waste your money on this puny little lamp!
    Way to small! Not worth $20! This is the smallest in height and width 7 inch salt lamp I’ve ever bought! I missed the return window by mistake..I wanted to return it!!

  172. Kate

    Gift for allergic child
    Looks to be perfect item to help alleviate my grandchild’s allergies

  173. Angelina

    Light bulb last about 2 weeks. Now i need to get a new bulb. And haven’t really enjoyed the lamp at all yet.

  174. Aurielle Wright

    bulbs Blew out when installed.
    Lamp looks good but bulbs blew out when installed. It’s a small inconvenience but an inconvenience no less. It would be nice if it shipped with an extra bulb or more durable bulb

  175. Book Luvr

    Excellent gift
    Had compliments on it and people wanted to know where I got it.

  176. AHV

    this lamp reveals the colors this rock salt reveals. a great price to boot, and the added 2 bulbs is a nice touch.

  177. Amazon Customer

    elegant lamp
    It’s the most beautiful salt lamp I have had , shape and brightness make this lamp looks so elegant, it’s more than I expected

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